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Why Nepal?

Why Nepal?

Many Nepalese speak more than three languages—learning an additional language is second nature to them.

Employee turnover in Nepal is much lower than in many other key offshore destinations like India, China, and Vietnam. High turnover has been one of the biggest challenges for businesses seeking offshore services. Deerwalk, being the most favored employer in Nepal, has a very low turnover rate.

Life philosophy
Because Nepal is the birthplace of Buddha, Nepalese remain very closely attached to Buddha’s teaching. Culturally, Nepalese are honest and hardworking.

Time difference
Nepal Time (GMT+5:45) is 10 to 11 hours ahead of US standard time depending upon the daylight saving time. That time difference gives clients almost 24H a day work cycle.

Because of its comparatively low cost of living, Nepal is very competitive in cost compared to other offshore services.

Incredible place
Nepal is one of the most desired tourist destinations in the world because of its amazing natural beauty and humble, kind, smiling people. If you want to outsource, why not do it in a country you want to visit anyway?

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