About the Company

Deerhold Japan is a wholly owned subsidiary of Deerhold Ltd, a global software services company headquartered in the United States. Deerhold’s sister company, Deerwalk, is a global software products company that has been working in the area of data analytics and software development for over a decade. With such extensive knowledge and experience in data science and web/mobile application development, Deerhold Japan aims to fulfill the software development resources gap in both the private and public sectors in Japan.

The company strives to bridge the resources gap by deploying engineers at the client’s site and outsourcing the client’s software development needs to the offshore center in Kathmandu, Nepal. Our offshore center is in one of the most modern campuses in Kathmandu, Nepal with 500 plus professional software developers. The campus also has a computer science college with around 350 undergraduate level students. In addition, to support the Japanese language skills of our Kathmandu-based Deerhold Japan engineers, Deerhold Japan Center, an on-campus Japanese language and culture training facility managed and run by native Japanese instructors train our engineers in Japanese language and culture.

Deerwalk’s huge offshore presence in Kathmandu, Nepal makes it easier for Deerwalk to provide its customers with cost-effective and flexible services. Furthermore, Nepal Time (GMT+5:45) is only 3 ¼ hours behind Japan Standard Time (GMT+9), and this short time difference makes Nepal a convenient offshore destination for Japanese clients. With a strong track record and diverse experience of over 20 years in the software industry in delivering quality products using offshore resources, and our firm commitment to support the software services in Japan, Deerhold Japan is ready and excited to serve the Japanese market. We will take every opportunity we have in Japan and work with you to fulfill your software needs with top quality and cost-effective software services and solutions.

Company Mission

Bridge the software development resource gap in Japan.

Message from Our President, Rudra Raj Pandey, Ph.D.

We have started our operation in Japan after providing software services and products to US clients for over two decades. We successfully leveraged the abundance of software engineers in Nepal to fulfill the gaps in information technology resources in the US. Our model in the US market can be even more efficient in Japan given the time difference is of only about three hours between Kathmandu and Tokyo.

Deerhold Japan will help the Japanese companies of all sizes from different verticals to cut their software development costs while creating more high-skill jobs for the young and growing pool of software engineers in Nepal. Our clients can bring some engineers to their office in Japan and allow others to work from our office in Kathmandu, Nepal to maintain onshore and offshore balance, as per their business needs and budget constraints.

We are in Japan for the long haul and have invested in Japanese language and business practice training for our engineers in Nepal. We are grateful for the support from our early customers and partners and look forward to the continued growth of these partnerships.

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  • Kathmandu
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  • Sifal
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  • Tokyo
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