Our Services

Solve your project’s problems with our dedicated teams services, build a mobile app that ticks all boxes, finish the digital transformation with our spot-on IT consulting. Deerhold Japan’s software development services use the latest tech to help you reach your IT objectives within today’s demanding timeframes.

Web App Development

We have extensive experience in building web applications for organizations, both large and small, using a fully open source stack with Java, Groovy on Grails as well as Microsoft stack with .NET MVC. The client end features a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with extensive use of jQuery. We have adopted HTML5 and CSS3, keeping browser compatibility in mind. The expert use of these technologies coupled with our scalable MVC development model on the server-side creates flexible, easy-to-maintain, and high-quality web applications. Our development methods and expertise are well-suited for building complex yet highly responsive and flexible applications.


Mobile Application Development

We build both iOS (iPad/iPhone) and Android applications for mobile devices, as well as applications that can run on iOS and Android when cross-compatibility is desired. Our experience in server and web application development ensures that we build a completely connected infrastructure to meet your mobile application needs. We apply tried and tested development methods for mobile application development, just as we do for server, desktop, and web application development.


Data Analytics

We have substantial experience in handling data of all types for customers across many industries. You can leverage Deerwalk's experience and our global services team to convert the data you receive from partners, vendors, or legacy applications into any format you require. Implementation times vary project-wise, but our experience guarantees the fastest possible implementation at the lowest cost. The rules driving the transformation cycle are as follows:

  • Never change client data
  • Perform extensive quality control at every phase
  • Document the exception list at each step and share with the client

IoT Service

We deliver robust and secure IoT solutions that are driven by device-generated data, complying with all the industry standards. Years of close collaboration with IoT implementers and experts has helped us to hone our engineering skills and deeply understand the industry-specific issues. Let our team of IoT experts step into your development process and bring an immediate value at any stage.


Cloud Computing

We leverage our deep expertise in Cloud Computing to help customers across the globe to define, execute, and manage their Cloud journey. We offer a dedicated team of Cloud & DevOps experts catering to our clients across Cloud Professional Services, 24X7 Cloud Managed Services, and Cloud Spend Management Services.



We consolidate interactive applications with the most relevant design trends to convey a custom- fitted product. From web to mobile to UI/UX, we guarantee that your digital presence will help you achieve your business objectives.



Our Genomics department provides a set of specialized services including the curation and analysis of sequence variants and the validation of the clinico-genetic content of genomics software. Since 2006, our Genomics team — comprising experts in human genetics, genomics, and bioinformatics — has delivered high-quality analysis and research reports to support a variety of clients in a variety of clinical settings. The team's educational backgrounds in Life Sciences and Biotechnology, top levels of proficiency in sequencing technologies, and strict adherence to privacy standards underscore Deerwalk's commitment to quality. Other key advantages for clients include rapid turnaround time and cost-efficiency.

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