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About gWell

Software development spans many different sectors. We love it when we can help businesses make a difference.

gWell is a health start-up based in Boston that provides individualized health plans. What sets gWell apart is their use of genomics for advanced and accurate results. Their smart wellness platform uses affordable gene sequencing techniques. It then provides actionable wellness tasks. These precise recommendations are delivered through a combination of digital and human interactions. This innovative company is taking healthcare to a new level.

gWell’s goal is to empower people to take charge of their personal well-being. First, information is gathered on lifestyle, health goals, medical history and genetic make-up. A patented recommendation engine is then used to deliver feedback. gWell began with a focus on bone, muscle and joint health. The service has now expanded to nutrition, sleep, pain relief and mental health.

This company was the brainchild of Dr. Surya Singh, a healthcare leader with over 20 years of experience. It began as a simple idea and a basic interface. To turn it into the refreshing new way of offering holistic health solutions it is now, gWell needed a software development expert. They needed someone to develop a robust and appealing mobile and web application. In 2020, gWell was looking for software development and data analytics companies in Boston. Singh turned to his good friend, Rudra Pandey, with whom he had worked together before. Rudra had a brainchild of his own in the US – Deerhold, a software development company based in Boston with subsidiaries in Nepal and Japan.

gWell Software Development

When Deerhold joined this project, gWell had an invitation-based model. Clinicians had access to the website and would invite individuals to use it. As they changed to a subscription-based model, gWell needed more features to support their commercial growth. At first, gWell hired three contractors to work on their platform. Deerhold was only contracted for the mobile application development. The coordination and communication required between the teams were substantial. This proved to be challenging and unproductive. As a result, the client gave the whole digital platform development project over to Deerhold.

We were delighted that gWell trusted us with executing this project. We had impressed them with our initial work and our open and respectful work ethic. The software development process was not well-defined because there had been many parties involved.At Deerhold, project management is one of our strengths. Once we were leading the project, our first step was to define the process. We did so with the help of a product manager and gWell’s CTO. The project went on a lot smoother after that.

Deerhold went on to build an engaging mobile application and a web portal. Our team had 12 members consisting of software engineers and quality assurance specialists. The web team handled the back-end development. They used Application Platform Interfaces (API) and Amazon Web Services. The mobile team designed the app, using Squarespace as a third-party service for subscriptions. Together, our team worked on third party integrations, and communication and chatting functions. They also enhanced gWell’s recommendation engine. Finally, the gWell digital platform was completed. We had worked with the gWell team to best support their vision for a transparent and holistic wellness service.

How gWell works

Users download the gWell app and request a DNA kit. gWell has teamed up with Helix Labs that sequences the DNA sample. The data is accessed through an API, and suitable diagnoses and health plans are provided. The gWell app forecasts what diseases the customer is prone to, like diabetes, osteoporosis or cancer. It then provides individual plans on the behaviour patterns the customer should follow to lower their risk.

The application also allows the customer to share their wellness story and goals. These are analyzed by gWell’s expert team of healthcare professionals. This adds a human element to a digital process. Wellness coaches help individuals understand and implement their suggested action plans. The customer can also use the user-friendly app to update their goals and note their health symptoms. They can track their completed actions and progress. This helps the platform and coaches to adapt recommendations over time.

Every person is different and has their own goals and needs. An individual can get better care with a unique wellness plan tailored for them. gWell’s model puts the individual at the center of its operation. The software platform that we designed assesses individuals on a variety of metrics. It meticulously analyzes the data. The goal is to give accurate, evidence-based results. Our interface is designed to be engaging and effective for individuals of all ages.

Software Development Outcomes

gWell was happy with the product and our working relationship. The Deerhold team had a versatile repertoire of software services. This was a huge advantage for a start-up like gWell. They were happy with our initial mobile application development, which included the back-end API work. When they required UI/UX resources added to the app, we had the expertise to provide that too.

After working with such a cutting-edge company, we have a new-found respect for healthcare services. gWell is transforming access to healthcare and medical advancements. They are making genomics accessible and reshaping the important conversation of wellness. We are proud to have used our software development skills to help create that shift.

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